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Is the guitar harder to learn then the piano?

With guitar, playing tends to get easier over time as students often grasp chords and learn several songs faster than a piano student might. However, this is debatable, as each student has different learning abilities. Enthusiasm for the chosen instrument is also a determining factor in how quickly and easily the student can learn.

Is piano an easier instrument to play than guitar?

Overall, the guitar is easier to learn than the piano. If you consider the layout, learning songs, the ability to self-teach and a few other things, it is an easier instrument. However, it’s the easiest on average for everyone. This means for people of all ages.

How to learn to play guitar as a beginner?

Section 1: The BasicsLearning the Open String Notes. Knowing what note each string corresponds to on the guitar is an important first step. …Holding The Guitar. Holding your guitar properly ensures that you will maintain good posture and therefore your back,shoulders,and arms won’t get sore as quickly (although you’ll …Holding The Pick. …How to Tune a Guitar. …

Should I learn piano or guitar first?

The piano, on the other hand, predates the guitar and has richer musical history as an instrument included in many classical pieces. Thus, if you’re more interested in playing classical pieces and music that spans a longer time period, piano is probably a better instrument for you to pursue. Sheet Music Vs. Tabs.

How many octaves does a piano have?

By contrast, piano players often need to settle for an electric keyboard or a digital piano if they have a lower budget to work with. These options may also have 61 keys, covering five octaves, as opposed to the 88 keys of a full-size piano, which will cover seven octaves. While this may not be a major issue, it does mean compromising slightly.

How much does a full size piano cost?

A full-size acoustic piano could easily cost upwards of $1,000 and for more advanced players, it may be necessary to spend significantly more. The most expensive pianos will far exceed the price of the most expensive guitars, so aside from the technical ease of use, a guitar is likely to be easier to actually buy and practice with.

How much is a guitar worth?

You can purchase a perfectly good beginner’s guitar within the $100 to $200 price range, while $500+ will be able to get you a much higher quality guitar, that will be suitable for more advanced playing.

What kind of guitar do you play with Eric Clapton?

Alternatively, you might play a lead-rhythm guitar style, like Johnny Marr from The Smiths, or focus on the blues guitar style of someone like Eric Clapton. With the piano, on the other hand, your options range from classical piano (think Beethoven, Motzart etc.) and jazz piano (like Art Tatum and Herbie Hancock), through to pop-rock (Elton John, …

How to make a note on a guitar?

By contrast, with a guitar, making a note requires you to pluck and fret the string simultaneously . Fretting is also a skill that takes time to learn, as you need to know where to apply pressure and how much pressure to apply to generate the cleanest possible sound. There is also a need to tune your guitar regularly.

What kind of music do you play as a guitarist?

As a guitarist, you may take inspiration from the pop and funk sounds of Prince, the hard rock style of Slash or Jimi Hendrix, or opt for softer acoustic pop, or Spanish guitar.

Do you need to tune your piano each time?

Moreover, you do not need to tune your piano each time you play it. Plus, the keys on a piano are arranged in a simple, repetitive pattern, making it much easier to familiarise yourself with which key corresponds to which note.

What should I learn first piano or guitar

The main initial difference between first learning guitar or piano is the chord structure.

Is it easier to learn piano if you know guitar

Yes, learning a second instrument will always be easier, no matter which instrument you’re coming from or going to.

Is guitar theory different from piano theory

Music theory is the same theoretical knowledge of music, however, the application to each instrument varies.

What is more attractive piano or guitar

This is of course personal preference, but there’s a reason there are so many pop culture references to people swooning over guitarists.

Piano or guitar for singing

Piano is much better if you want an instrument to accompany your singing. There’s a reason every music school has piano accompaniments involved in their vocal programs.

What is the difference between tabs and sheet music?

The most popular method of reading music with the piano is with standard sheet music. However, on the guitar the most popular method of reading music is with tablature (or tabs). Tabs are simpler to read and understand than sheet music.

What is the most popular way to learn music?

You realize that sheet music is the most popular means of reading music and you want to learn this skill. You realize that guitar tabs (a simpler music notation than sheet music) is the most popular way to learn new songs and are glad that you don’t really need to learn how to read sheet music. You want to be able to produce a nice sound …

Is a guitar like a violin?

The guitar is more like the piano than the violin in this way. However, there is some hurdle to making a good sound from the guitar in that it requires some hand strength and callouses to be able to produce good sound from the instrument.

Which instrument predates the guitar?

The piano, on the other hand, predates the guitar and has richer musical history as an instrument included in many classical pieces.

Which is better, piano or piano?

If many of your favorite songs feature the piano and your favorite artists are pianists, piano is probably the better choice for you.

Is piano a good instrument?

If you aren’t interested in developing hand strength or callouses and want to be able to produce a good sound from your instrument on day one, then piano is probably the instrument for you.

Is it important to leave your piano behind?

Piano. I imagine for most people the portability of an instrument isn’t very important. If you’re only traveling for a couple of weeks a year or less, you probably won’t have a problem leaving your instrument behind. But there’s more to instrument portability than vacations.

Is it easier to play piano or guitar?

It’s easier to play piano if you learn to read music, and this can be time-consuming. It isn’t absolutely essential, but you can’t rely on tablature, which is a simplified way of learning how to play a song on guitar. Acoustic pianos are hard to come by.

Is it easier to take a guitar to lessons?

Guitars are more portable. It’s easier to take a guitar to lessons or to a friends house to practice. Cons: Guitars often need more maintenance. You might have to replace strings regularly, and you will definitely have to tune a lot more than you would a piano.

Is a guitar cheaper than a piano?

A good guitar is cheaper than a good piano. More models are available and the prices are more reasonable. Digital pianos and keyboards are an option, but guitars still tend to be easier on the bank balance. Guitars are more portable. It’s easier to take a guitar to lessons or to a friends house to practice. Cons:

Is it easier to play the basics?

Starting to play the very basics is simpler. You don’t have to worry about hurting the tips of your fingers or becoming stronger.

Is it hard to get an acoustic piano?

Acoustic pianos are hard to come by. They take up a lot of space and don’t come cheap, either. You may be restricted to a keyboard or digital piano to start with, though this isn’t too much of an inconvenience, and it helps with portability.

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What is the hardest instrument to play?

The violin is the hardest instrument to play. While some people would think that it would be the guitar and piano, the violin absolutely takes the top of our list. Unlike the guitar, with the violin you don’t have any frets to guide you on where the different pitches are. There aren’t any keys to help you here either like you get with a piano. The strings are much closer together than when you play guitar too. This presents a challenge for many beginners as it can be tricky to learn to bow just one string at a time.

Why is the oboe so difficult to play?

It’s common for oboe players to learn a different instrument first before taking on this. The reason the oboe is so difficult is because you have to use more counter-intuitive techniques. There are also issues such as reeds and other materials you have to purchase to go along with the oboe. Mastering the proper breathing techniques as well as long music passages is also a tricky part of the oboe.

Why is the bassoon so tricky?

Bassoons are tricky instruments because of their size. It usually means that someone who wants to play this will need to be tall or extremely deterous to be able to navigate all those 28 keys. The double reed is similar to that of an oboe and it takes dexterity of both your lips and tongue to master this part of the bassoon. It’s something that takes years of practice and definitely shouldn’t be one that you pick as your first ever instrument.

Why is the bassoon so hard to play?

The bassoon is hard to play because of their sheer size and the double reed. It’s hard to find a great bassoon player who hasn’t already given it up and moved on to the much easier oboe.

How many strings does a harp have?

Harps are a truly beautiful instrument that is going to appear next in our piano vs guitar list. Similar to the strings of the guitar, a harp has 47 strings in total and every single one has to be played right. The actual playing experience is different from when you play guitar. A harpist has to have skills such as endurance and flexibility in order to reach all those strings.

Why is it so hard to learn harp?

Knowing which strings to play at the right time as well as memorizing complicated melodies are what make this instrument so hard to learn. Teachers are hard to come by as well, unlike looking for piano lessons or tutorials on guitar playing. Once you have been learning to play for a few years, you may be able to produce nice music out of the harp.

Which is the most difficult instrument to play?

As we featured at the top of our list, we would say that the violin is the most difficult instrument to play. We didn’t go with the typical guitar or piano because, quite frankly, the violin is much harder. It can take years to find out where all of the notes are and the strings are incredibly close together which makes it tricky for beginners.

Piano vs. Guitar: side-by-side comparison

It’s easier to learn songs on a guitar. For instance, you can master some pop songs with a small selection of chords. Once you create the chords on your instrument, you can’t play a wrong note. You also get the flexibility to pluck or strum any pattern.

Beginner comparison

During the first month of practice, the notes will sound clean no matter how you play them. For a guitar, you must press the strings close to the fret. Otherwise, they will buzz. The coordination in plucking and strumming can also be a challenge. Needless to say, your fingers may hurt until you develop some calluses.


The piano has a simpler layout compared to a guitar. Each octave has 7 white keys and 5 black keys. And because the black notes follow a specific pattern, you get a cluster of two or three notes. Interestingly, the notes on the right feature a higher pitch, and those on the left have low notes.

How easy is it to teach children?

Children aged 5-10 years can easily learn a piano. But here is the catch. In the initial stages, your child will have to deal with the challenge of coordinating the hands. The tradeoff is that there’s no pain when pressing the keys.


A guitar is less intimidating to play compared to a piano and this makes it well suited for self-learning. In a few months, you can learn a few riffs or chords. Plus, you’ll pick a few tricks by just playing around.

Reading music

While chords are the basics of reading music on a piano, the notation tends to be more complex. But that should not scare you. The standard notation is fairly easy to learn and transcends from left to right. If your goal is to learn sheet music, this is something you can achieve in the early lessons.


Most guitars are travel-friendly. Even the bulky ones can be transported on road trips. If you want to learn a song on the go, you should invest in a guitar that comes with a suitcase. Most backpacker guitars are small and lightweight, so they can be stored in the overhead compartment of airplanes.