how to tune a piano

What is the difference between semi weighted and fully weighted piano keys?

Semi-weighted piano keys are easier to press/play while fully-weighted piano keys feel more like a grand piano. If you want to be able to play with the nuance of a real piano player, it’s best to choose fully-weighted keys.

What is chord voicing?

Chord voicing refers to where you play the different notes in a chord on the piano. It’s different than inversion because you don’t have to use the same hand to play out the chord.

What is a digital piano?

These are the compact pianos that contain a speaker to play the sound and often have lots of extra controls. You usually get a few different types of sounds you can play, a volume control, a metronome (to help you keep proper time/rhythm), and more.

How many types of pianos are there?

There are 4 main types of pianos you can use to learn how to play: digital, electric, acoustic/grand and MIDI. It doesn’t really matter which you choose in terms of actually playing. But they all have some benefits and shortcomings in how they work that may affect your choice.

Why are digital pianos so popular?

Digital pianos are great for most people because they’re affordable and easily moved around. You can get them in a variety of key sizes and both semi- and fully-weighted keys.

What does note 7 mean?

Note 7 is a diminished chord.

What is it called when you move from one low C to a C note higher on the piano?

This is the pitch of the note. When you move from one low C to a C note higher on the piano, it’s called a higher octave.

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