how to tune a piano

How many keys do you need to play with 2 hands?

You need 61 keys minimum to play with 2 hands. The number of keys isn’t really a question of beginner vs. advanced, but how you want to make music with it. The smaller keyboards more meant for making electronic music through programming layers, where you just play one part at a time.

Why are keys important on a piano?

For one, they promote good technique, since the extra weight requires you to play a piano with your entire arms, not just the fingers. They also make it much easier to control how hard you press them, and varying volume like that is incredibly important .

How long should I practice sheet music?

And practicing 30 minutes every day is much better than 2 hours every 3 days. Also, please learn how to read sheet music form the start. It’s much easier than it looks, and it opens up so much possibilities when it comes to choosing what to play. And the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get good at it.

Is a MIDI controller good for piano?

The MIDI controller in the OP isn’t really going to work. 25 keys just isn’t good enough to actually play piano music. A MIDI controller is also mostly used to describe products that don’t come with speakers, and need computer software to produce sound.

Do you need weighted keys to play piano?

If you want to actually learn how to play a piano (as opposed to just keyboards), you are going to need weighted keys, because those are the only ones that get even close to the feel of a real piano.

Can you use a 25 key midi controller on a 45 key keyboard?

With a 25 key midi controller, you can really only do one hand, you run into a wall super quick. Even after using a 45 key keyboard for a while, i still went with an 88 key controller eventually. You can buy an alesis 88 key controller for like $100 used on ebay.

Can you cut weighted keys?

You can cut weighted keys if you *really* have to save money, sort of, but you can’t go with less than 61 keys. It would be physically impossible to play most songs.

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