how to tune a piano

Why is piano fingers placement so important?

Whether you are taught piano lessons in music school or at home, the placement of the fingers on the keyboard is fundamental when starting to play the piano. It allows you to acquire solid technical bases and good practices. By getting used to playing correctly, it will allow you in the long run:

General tips

To begin this article on finger placement, we would like to give you some general tips to get you started on the piano. First of all, you should know that the way you move your hands affects the way you play. Poor finger placement on the piano combined with a high playing tempo will cause transitions that are outside of the tempo.

Good posture to place your fingers on the keyboard

To properly place your hands on the piano, you should rest your fingertips on the keyboard and raise your wrist slightly. Your wrist should not be under the piano but slightly above it in order to have the maximum ease in your different movements.

Follow the logic imposed by the movement

When you are faced with a sequence of notes to play on the piano, you must ask yourself the question of the logic of the movement.

Piano finger numbers

There is a number technique commonly accepted in music theory for using your fingers correctly on the piano.

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